The SkullTroniX DMX Animatronic Skulls are state of the art products designed to entertain crowds. To really understand all the hype you have to see the videos!

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Our skulls are used in theme parks, themed restaurants, home haunts and commercial haunted attractions. They are also used in films to avoid expensive CGI animation and in trade shows for product presentation. A few have even made it into the education field to present dull topics in a more amusing fashion. Another popular market for our SkullTroniX skulls is in the "magic" business where they are used as no-salary assistants, fill-in entertainment between acts and even as an emcee for the act/s.

We manufacture our own plastic components. They are lightweight and rugged. There are other "talking" skulls on the market but none comes close to the realistic movements, range of movement and quick response without "bounce" of our skulls. Our SkullTroniX DMX skulls are the "Ferraris" of the animatronics world. Amazingly, all of the motors and electronics are inside the skull without any external mechanisms. This makes the SkullTroniX skulls ideal for closeup viewing.

The SkullTroniX DMX Animatronic Skulls are controlled by our own Board of Chuckee (BOC) which feeds signals to high-quality servo motors. We have a new control board also - The "Son of Chuckee" which supports additional features. See the link for details.

There are six servos in the SkullTroniX providing it with full eye movement, head tilt, nod and pan as well as jaw movement.

The BOC amd SOC Controllers also directly drives color LEDs in the eyes. The eyes are capable of 16 million colors as well as varying brightness and strobe rates.

The SkullTroniX DMX comes with DMX cables and power supply. We also provide 4 free songs with each skull. They 4 songs are: "Spooky Scary Skeletons", "I Like Nightmares", "Tiptoe Through the Graveyard", and "Witches, Witches, Witches".

Additional items you must have to operate your DMX Skulltronix skull:
  • Option 2 (if you cannot use a PC to run your show)
  • Brookshire Software's RAPU (includes RAPU power supply, VSA software and USB cable for downloading). Order directly from
  • External self powered speaker system
  • A PC to create and/or download animation and sound file to the RAPU. PC not required while operating.

    There are a multitude of options for the SkullTroniX DMX skulls. Among these are:

    Other items we recommend:
    • 3 port DMX relay board. Pre-wired by Skulltronix with DMX cables. Includes enclosure and power supply. Use this board for controlling low cost fog machines, strobes lights and other devices that operate on relays, such as pneumatic props. Order this by phone and specify the devices you want to control. Or order it complete with Skulltronix fog controller circuit that plugs right into most low-cost fog machines.
    • Helmsmam lets you sequence anmation routines and trigger them with mat switches and other devices.
    • LiveAction System LiveAction lets you puppet your skull live using a hidden actor and even record and playback animation. The LiveAction option should be ordered at time of original skull ordering to avoid later upgrade and shipping costs. The LiveAction system uses the SOC control board in place of the BOC board.
    • Gatekeeper I/O with IR remote control. Allows you to trigger your Helmsman sequences with a remote and control other devices.
    • Venue Magic lighting and animation software

    Your SkullTroniX products are built to order and non-refundable once production starts on your item/s. Production time varies depending on the time of year. Expect at least 10 days but you should contact us for actual delivery time.
    SkullTroniX DMX Basic $1,599
    (does not include lighting or skeleton as seen in the videos)

    The SkullTroniX skulls have gone through hundreds of engineering changes and continue to evolve and improve. Upgrades have been available on a continuing basis since version 1 in 2006.

    Major revision numbers indicate when entirely new skull molds were made from a new master design. We are now on "Rev 5". (see the bottom of this page for a list of changes from Rev4 to Rev5.

    We've learned a lot about making animatronics after feedback from hundreds of customers. There is no perfect animatronic and failures do happen.

    In critical environments we recommend customers stock spare parts or even an entire spare skull. We offer our customers free repair training at our facility in Rancho Cordova, CA.

    We also provide repair instructions with the skulls and in our support forum. Of course, you can always return your SkullTroniX to us for repair for a flat $50 labor fee - plus parts and shipping (if out of warranty).

    Warranty: As of January 1, 2010 all new DMX SkullTroniX skulls are covered by a 1 year limited warranty. Customers are responsible for shipping both ways but parts and labor are at no charge. Obviously, abuse or damage beyond our control is not covered and we reserve the right to make the decision on whether a problem is covered by warranty. If your SkullTroniX skull arrives broken or inoperable we will replace or repair (at our discretion) at no cost to you within the first 10 days after the shipping date. Under no condition will we be responsible for any lost revenue or expense beyond the actual repair or replacement of the product. Warranty repairs can take up to two weeks to complete.

    We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

    Revision notes: The changes from Rev4 to Rev5 include:
    1. Eye rings, eye backs and the eye left/right connector are now injection molded nylon rather than hand molded urethane. Injection molding makes them stronger and saves molding and assembly time. The injection molded parts will work with Rev4 skulls. The eye assembly now mounts via a single screw from the bottom of the skull.
    2. Minor changes to the eye holder, skull, skull cap and tilt swivel mechanism were made for both cosmetic and "ease of assembly" reasons. The skull, skull cap and eye holder are not backward compatible with the Rev4 series parts.
    3. All Rev 4.2 routines continue to work on Rev5 skulls without change.