Skulltronix ShowMaster Package

July 2015 - Announcing the newest animatronics control system available exclusively from Skulltronix:

The ShowMaster sm

Main Screen showing playlist, controls and options.

The ShowMaster allows you to play pre-recorded animations in whatever order you desire. At whatever time you schedule. With whatever delays between animations that you want.

ShowMaster allows you to override the pre-set sequence at any time with either a Keychain Remote Fob, or our iPhone Application. And if you are also using our LiveAction System to remotely puppet your animatronic you'll be able to transparently switch from LiveAction control to pre-recorded ShowMaster control and back quickly and simply.

What's in the package:

ShowMaster consists of several products developed exclusively for SkullTroniX by Nelson Bairos of The first of these is HelmsmanPro. This is the heart of the scheduling, sequencing and I/O control. This Skulltronix ONLY version does NOT require that you purchase the VSA and Console software products. Helmsman Pro creates playlists of the following: (almost no limit to the # of items)
  • Brookshire VSA routines
  • Music files (Wave, MP3, Midi)
  • MonkeyBasic's GateKeeper I/O Outputs / Kit 74 Relay actions
  • Control up to 8 Relays via the Kit 74 or MonkeyBasic's GateKeeper I/O Outputs.

The following actions are available:
  • Turn On
  • Turn Off
  • Toggle Once
  • Toggle Every 5 secs to 15 mins (will continue during other routines until stopped)
  • Ability to Randomize & Loop your playlist
  • Insert delays between routines
  • Adjust the PC volume for each routine

    Digital Triggers via these inputs:
    • Your built in Printer Port (with no additional hardware) - 5 inputs
    • MonkeyBasic's GateKeeper I/O - 8 inputs
    • Keyboard shortcuts - 8 inputs These triggers can perform any of the following:
      • Play a specific routine then stop
      • Play a random routine
      • Start playing the playlist at a specific point
      • Interrupt your playlist, play a specific or random routine, then after restart the previous routine in your playlist
      • Pause
      • Stop
      • Toggle, Turn On/Off attached Switches/Relays
      • Timed Triggers (performs same actions as digital triggers)
      • Up to 12 VSA routines can be pre-loaded for Instant playback (with no loading delay).
      • Save and Load playlists
      • Ability to start a playlist automatically when loaded. (You can place your saved Helmsman .VCP file in the Windows "StartUp" folder and it will kickoff automatically when your computer boots)
      • Remote controlled via the Helmsman Remote

        Helmsman Remote Main screen

        Connecting Helmsman Pro to iPhone Helmsman Remote App.

    External triggers setup screen

    • .NET Framework 3.5 or later
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    Next on the items included with your ShowMaster Package is the Gatekeeper I/O Board with Remote Option

    GateKeeper I/O plugs into an unused USB port on your Windoze PC. It has the ability to receive eight (8) separate digital inputs. These inputs are designed to be more stable, dependable, and have a faster response time than other control boards. Eight (8) outputs are also available for driving LEDs, Relays, Solenoids or many other equipment up to 50V!

    Few Skulltronix pre-recorded shows take advantage of the I/O features of the Gatekeeper I/O the addition of it provides greatly expanded capabilities for your future needs. And the ShowMaster version of GateKeeper I/O allows for 4 triggers from the included wireless handheld REMOTE!!!

    $199 includes iPhone App, Helmsman Pro (Skulltronix version), Gatekeeper I/O board with remote option, KeyFob Remote