The Creature Crate

SkullTroniX Creature Crate

Introducing an incredible addition to the Skulltronix line of animatronics - The Creature Crate
The Creature Crate operates just like our Blackbeard's Chest and will even operate with the same animation routine. Watch a video of the Creature Crate here: Crate Video
But the Creature Crate is not specifically nautical. It can fit into medieval and Western themes equally well.

The Creature Crate is built of solid wood. It is built to last! The wood is aged or stained to your preference.

The Creature Crate is a great way to protect your Skulltronix Skull between shows and turns your Skull into a complete portable crowd entertainer.

Multiple Creature Crates can be linked to each other or to other animatronics to provide multi-character shows complete with sound, fx and lighting.

The Skeleton hands are attached to the lid of the crate, giving the illusion that the skeleton is opening the crate. The great "creaking" sounds from Blackbeard's Chest are included in all Creature Crate animation routines.

Suggested uses:
  • Place the crate near some hay bales so the kids can sit and listen to songs or ghost stories.
  • Use the Creature Crate to entertain or provide haunt rules to your customers as they wait in line.
  • Use a Creature Crate to promote products in just about any environment, even a trade show!
  • Add Trackskull or an Autotalk board so that a live actor can interact with the audience.

You can order the Creature Crate as a complete plug and play product or as a basic animatronic that you add your own parts into.
Let us explain:

A Complete Creature Crate includes:
  • Crate fully assembled
  • Lift mechanism for lid and skeleton
  • Computer (external)
  • Enttec USB-DMX interface with 3-5 pin adaptor
  • Skulltronix Skull and Torso with arms
  • Amplified speaker/s
  • RGB LED DMX lighting kit
  • Helmsman Pro with Gatekeeper I/o and remote control
  • Optional animation routines
  • Fog machine and fog controller
  • optional IR, button or mat trigger
  • Optional onsite setup with or without custom animation and voice

All of the items above are preconfigured and will run automatically as soon as power is provided (or trigger activated). You can run any standard Skulltronix animation routine with the Creature Crate with the addition of a couple of extra commands to open the lid and turn on the fog.

You can also order the Creature Crate ala carte. This allows you to use your own computer, sound system, fog machine, lighting etc. If you already own a Skulltronix skull then you have many of the components already. Just let us know how you would like it configured and we can provide the price.

The Creature Crate is a special order item and is custom made for each customer. No two are alike.

Price as shown for the Complete Creature Crate is $4299.

Shipping varies but can cost up to $600 depending on location. U.S. sales only unless you arrange your own freight pickup at our warehouse.

Customers are required to supply their own licenses for the VSA and Console software programs. Available from Brookshire Software