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SkullTroniX Lighting Products

SkullTroniX offers several categories of products to complete your SkullTroniX show. Our most common products are below. We are distirbutors for Chauvet and Irradiant, among other suppliers, and can provide anything from either of their catalogs. AND we can integrate the product into your SkullTroniX show.

The SkullTroniX DMX Light Kit:
Most DMX SkullTroniX Skulls go out the door with this light kit which includes 2 Par 36 RGB LED lights, 2 25 foot DMX cables, and a DMX terminator. The lights can be used with or without a computer and have built in DMX control of strobe rate, brightness and separate red, green and blue.

The lighting effects you see in the gallery videos were done with this kit and nothing else.

DMX Light Set $220

The SkullTroniX BlackStrobe (tm)
750 Watt DMX Blacklight Strobe.

SkullTroniX offers the only high power blacklight strobe on the market.

The BlackStrobe is a DMX addressable device with adjustable brightness and strobe rate.

If you are looking for the next big thrill to add to your haunt then this is THE product to have. When we introduced it at our own haunt we literally had grown men breaking through the exit door screaming to get out. We'll soon post complete details on our "pentacle" room setup so that you to can freak out grown men.

And even freakier: use the Blackstrobe in combination with a white strobe and let them alternate at a fairly slow rate. Victims will see completely different worlds under the different light if you use your UV decorating skills correctly. We used the alternating strobes to light up actors that had normal zombie makeup and invisible UV skull makeup over the zombie makeup. Their faces literally changed as quickly as the lights strobed. Very Freaky. You won't achieve the same effect by flashing incandescent, LED or fluorescent blacklights.

BlackStrobe 750 $499. Comes complete with 25' DMX cable.

DMX Dimmer:
8 120 volt outlets for dimming incadescent lights. 4 DMX channels. Max output 10 Amps. Not for use with LED fixtures - they have their own dimming circuitry.
DMX Dimmer
4 Channel DMX Dimmer $97