The Son of Chuckee DMX Servo Control Board

The Skulltronix Headkit (in a Funkin)
And the new 10 watt Skulltronix DMX RGB LED light kit

Following up on the release of the KrakenUp" are three new products from Skulltronix:

The Skullkin
-- half human, half pumpkin skeleton animatronic based on our standard Skulltronix DMX Skull.
Available in the full set as shown in the video or as a Skeletron/Skullkin package.

The Headkit
-- a new DIY (sort of) animatronic assembly that you can put into a Funkin or other type of animal/creature.
The mechanism comes preassembled with BOC control board, DMX cables, and power supply.

And our new Skulltronix Light Kit - 2 10-watt RGB DMX LED lights with cables and power supply. The lenses are reversible and can be either spot lights or flood lights. Pre-addressed. No switches to fumble with. Encased in rugged water resistant aluminum housings. This is a Skulltronix exclusive product.

Both the Skullkin and the Headkit are 100% compatible with the large library of pre-recorded animation soundtracks/animation files.

And the new song by Joe Frei "The Pumpkins Get Revenge" is available for use with your Skulltronix animatronic and also for licensing to performance artists.

Watch the video from Hauntx May 2, 2015: